ITEM# 02232011-28
Description  Complete Set of Original Hardware for US M1904 McClellan Cavalry Saddle
Price $ 95.00

Full set of 29 pieces of original hardware for the US M1904 McClellan Cavalry saddle, in excellent condition, including: Iron rigging ring, 4 inch--2 ea.; Brass roller buckle, 1 1/4 inch--2 ea.; Brass halter square, 1 1/4 inch--4 ea.; Brass saddlebag stud--1 ea.; Brass footman loop, short--4 ea.; Brass footman loop, tall--2 ea.; Brass ring staple--2 ea.; Brass coatstrap escutcheon plate--7 ea.; Brass size shield--1 ea. Finish on all the brass hardware is unexceptional--with some original oxidized bronze remaining amidst the patina; the iron rings have been refinished with matte black enamel. While reproductions abound, it's unusual to encounter a full set of original McClellan hardware nowadays.