ITEM# 02252011-3
Description  Original Can of Frank Miller's Harness Oil Blacking, ca. 1892
Price $ 35.00

Original can of harness oil blacking, as used in an array of civilian and military leather preservation applications in the nineteenth century. This example is a screwtop 1 pint can of typical nineteenth century construction, with no double-seams and much solder used in its assembly. A metal screwcap is still in place center-top, and the entire topmost surface was painted scarlet (approximately 30% of this finish remains). A black-on-yellow label identifies the contents as "Frank Miller's / Prepared / Harness / Oil / Blacking," followed by a lot of promotional verbiage, then: "Manufactured by / The Frank Miller Co. / New York." Label, though somewhat darkened with age is still 98% intact, and--remarkably--so are the can's contents. This product is pictured, precisely as seen here, on p. 42 of the 1985 ARCO reprint of the 1892 Moseman's Illustrated Guide for Purchasers of Horse Furnishing Goods, and I doubt this piece could have been manufactured after 1910.