ITEM# 02252011-4
Description  Original Can for Fiebing's Harness Oil Blacking, ca. 1895
Price $ 45.00

Original can for harness oil blacking, as used in an array of civilian and military leather preservation applications in the nineteenth century. This example is a screwtop 1 gallon can of typical nineteenth century construction, with no double-seams and much solder used in its assembly. A metal screwcap is still in place on the can's top, as is a rolled-seam handle. A wonderful black, white, and red label identifies the contents as "Fiebing's / Harness Oil / Blacking / Original Process / Manufactured By / Fiebing Chemical Co / Milwaukee, Wis." Label, though somewhat darkened with age is still 99.9% intact, and is still quite colorful. The tinned iron can itself is quite bright, with only the occasional patch of rust or darkening/discoloration. No contents. Fiebings was launched in 1895, and double-seam can construction gradually came into widespread use after 1900, so a top-end date of manufacture for this piece is probably around 1910. Great shape for a century-old product container!