Wants List

We are always interested in acquiring the parts and raw materials which enable us to do our work. More specifically, we seek damaged examples—to include demolished, pathetic, unsanitary relics—of military headgear, as well as components of US, French, and German helmets, shakos, and caps. We also actively shop for fabric and findings pertinent to our restorations and reproductions. In all cases, we’ll gladly respond to offers of one item or a truckload. However, please bear in mind that we are a business—not collectors—so we do not pay retail. On the other hand, we might be interested in items we don’t really need, if the price is right. And trades are always a cheerful possibility (we’d trade for groceries if we could!). Some examples of specific ongoing requirements follow—but if it’s not on the list and you think it’s something we “need,” by all means ask!

  • US M1881 helmets and parts, especially: RA pressed felt enlisted helmet bodies; Indian Scouts and USMC sidebuttons; ISS, lemon yellow Cavalry, and officers’ helmet plumes; chinchains in any condition and quantity; Staff and USMC frontplates; suspensions, breastcords, and parts thereof.
  • US military cap visors, sweatbands, chinstraps, ventilators, chinstrap buttons, and insignia, as well as cap boxes and helmet tins.
  • French helmets and shakos and their parts, 1st Empire through 3rd Republic, in any condition. We are especially interested in severely damaged original headgear, as well as anything pertaining to cuirassier, carabinier, and dragoon helmets.
  • German Imperial Pickelhauben and other headgear designated “parts helmets” or fragments thereof.
  • Findings for US field equipment, Civil War through WWII, such as buckles, beltplates, squares, D-rings, belt hooks, snaphooks, fasteners, grommets, eyelets, canvas, webbing, and thread. We especially require reasonably-priced original CWP carbine sling snaphooks and saber belt hardware.
  • Fabric: including woolen broadcloth, woolen facing material, silks, and linens—either NOS or salvaged original materials, or modern manufactures to original specs. No synthetics.
  • Trim: especially US and French piping and braid, woolen or metallic. We are very interested in securing stocks of the unique patterns and colors of woolen lace used in manufacturing French shakos throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
  • Hides and hair: bearskins, goatskins, special leathers, yak hair, and horsehair—in quantity and reasonably priced.
  • Firearms, parts, and accessories, US and foreign, ca. 1800-the present. Interests are too numerous to enumerate, so please ask.
  • US M1840 and M1860 Cavalry sabers in any condition. Remember, we’re not collectors, and are interested in restoration and resale, so prices must reflect that reality.
  • US Martial knives and bayonets—as above.
  • Information pertinent to our work, such as books, prints, photographs, blueprints, and original artifacts suitable only for deconstruction and patterning.
  • Anything else you think we’d like!