Salt and Pepper Shakers
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ITEM# 12222010-1
Description  WWI Camp Grant, IL "Bullet" Salt & Pepper Shakers, original
Price $ 92.00

Original WWI souvenir salt and pepper shaker set from Camp Grant, Illinois, ca. 1917, manufactured by the renowned Rockford Silver Plate Co., in heavy silver plate and excellent condition. The form of the shakers is intended to represent the fixed ammunition for, perhaps, the 37mm./1 pdr. gun, or might be just a generic bullet shape. Each shaker measures 3 ¼ inches (3 cm.) tall, with a diameter of 1½ inches (3.5 cm.) at the base. They are Quadruple Silver Plated, a high-quality, expensive process much used by Rockford, and for which the firm was renowned. Their dark gray patinated finish appears to be factory applied—not tarnish—and is 97% intact. The projectiles of the shakers feature multiple slits at the nose, one with wider holes for pepper, the other with more narrow slots for salt. The bases, representative of the rimmed portion of a cartridge casing, unscrew for filling. Hand-engraved on each shaker, in bold, classic lettering is: “Camp Grant.” There are two minor, near invisible dings at the base of one shaker, and the underside of the same piece has been lightly polished to better reveal the manufacturer’s stamp. Other than these very inconsequential deficits, condition is superb.

Camp Grant was a training facility during WWI, and housed German POWs during the Second World War. The Rockford Silver Plate Co. was an 1882 renaming of the original Racine Silver Plate Co. and continued production of exceptional, heavily plated silver wares until the creation of the Sheets-Rockford Silver Plate Co. in 1925. Rockford’s products were not only prized in nineteenth and early twentieth century America, but are highly regarded by collectors today. Hotchkiss Guns, WWI training camps, Rockford Silver—talk about crossover collector interest! Great set!